Tyrrell Clarke is a practitioner
of the spiritual arts in the
truest sense.

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Check out Tyrrell’s art work and painting at her art site tyrrellclarke.com

If you would like to read more about Tyrrell’s psychic work, check out the MacLean’s magazine article profiling her thriving practice CLICK HERE

Tyrrell Clarke is a busy psychic based in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia who is also passionately involved in her career as a professional artist. In her psychic work, she delves into the lives and futures of many clients. From entrepreneurs to homemakers to visiting rock stars, it’s all in a days work.

“Love! Romance! Money! What is my purpose? Age old themes for modern times. People are looking for the deeper meaning of their lives. Doing psychic work is not just prediction, although there is that aspect to it. It’s discovering what the soul has contracted to do in this lifetime. What are the origins of problems? How are they affecting us? How can we further our spiritual practices and raise our vibration? Who are my spirit guides, and how do I communicate with them?”

“There are many spirit energies that help us in our everyday lives, and they love to be a part of the experience when a reading takes place. They are the real messengers. I come in with a blank agenda, and let the information flow. I never know what will happen or who might choose to say hello from the other side. I don’t call myself a medium, but messages from non physical reality happen frequently. I am often amazed at the personal and profound information that comes through for people. It is very satisfying to be of service in this role for people as they find their path with a little help from spirit!

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